ImagenesAt the right time, in the right place and available for everyone. That’s how we understand that the future of Earth observation should be, and because of this we want to bring you here all that our nanosatellites can offer to you.

We only can fix what we can see. Therefore we have designed our nanosatellites to see further than any human eye can. Our nanosatellites are equipped with a multispectral sensor that take images of the Earth surface in four different spectral bands, in the visible spectrum (RGB) and in near infrared. Our objective: to be your eyes in space to make sure you don´t miss anything.

Our multispectral images can be use to detect changes by the naked eye or to be processed using the latest remote sensing techniques and algorithms to detect many changes that very often are invisible to the human eye.

Learn about the crop health or the quality of water surface, discover mineral outcrops or analyze forest conditions in a few seconds. These are just a sample of what you can do with our images. Discover more in Applications section.

In Karten Space we believe that is not necessary to be an expert on remote sensing to make the most of our images. Thus, we bring you different image processing levels according to each user type.

  • Level 1A: Images radiometrically corrected, perfect for remote sensing experts that want to do their own processes from start to finish.
  • Level 1B: Images radiometrically and geometrically corrected, ideal for photo-interpretation professionals and for those who want to do thematic studies and image quality measurements.
  • Level 2: Images radiometrically and geometrically corrected and georeferenced, ready for users that want to work with immediately and combined them with other type of geoinformation

We can help you to choose the solution that fits better to you, or if you prefer we can carry out a wide range of advanced analytics for you. Contact us for more information.