TransporteThe 90% of commercial goods in the world are carried by our seas and oceans. However, what happens with it once they move away from coasts is a pending issue in shipping and logistics sectors.

Terrestrial monitoring systems lose the connection at 50 nautical miles between vessels and land. In that moment satellites became really necessary in order to detect where ships and their goods are.

Our nanosatellites KEOSats are equipped with an AIS receiver to register the identification, position, direction and other important data transmitted by the Automated Identification System (AIS) systems that all the boats in the world should carry imperatively.

Thanks to our nanosatellites, in Karten Space we go beyond the reach of terrestrial AIS detector systems and offer you on-demand information of the ships, wherever they might be, to be used in different fields as:

  • Maritime safety and surveillance.
  • Ships search and rescue.
  • Incident investigation and collision detection.
  • Piracy control.
  • Ship tracking.
  • Port management.
  • Navigation assistance.

You also can combine AIS data with the images taken by our nanosatellites KEOSats or with your own data. You can read more about this option in advanced analytics section.

But we can still do more for your business. The versatility of this technology allow us to provide solutions based on AIS to other fields like terrestrial logistics, crop monitoring or wireless sensor networks.


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